West Chatham Lady Wildcats bring home trophy

West Chatham Lady Wildcats bring home trophy

The West Chatham Lady Wildcats are still giddy about bringing back home the trophy since last year, the same team they beat this year, Coastal Middle School beat them.

Plus, Coastal was the team West Chatham lost to this season.

The eighth graders on the team are especially close.

Tyra Fields, who plays Center Field, remembers during the big game, "It felt exciting that we knew from the sixth inning that this is our game and we won it, we're going home with the trophy."

This championship game makes three championships in the past four seasons, and in those past four seasons under Head Coach Robbie Ergle, they've won 42 games and only lost two.

The Championship roster:

7th Graders:

  • Aubrey Acel
  • Madison Alberts
  • Josie Black
  • Allison Brockman
  • Jasmine Brown
  • Haleigh Bryant

8th Graders:

  • Tyra Fields
  • Valerie Garcia
  • Keziah Ketchup
  • Katelyn McCartha
  • Mia Simard
  • Shelby Walker