Busy Day at Post Office

If you haven't mailed all of your holiday cards and packages, you're running out of time. The US Postal Service has less than two weeks to get millions of these items delivered. Branches like the post office on Fahm Street in downtown Savannah have been very busy today.

Today the US Postal Service nationwide is expecting to process more than 850 million pieces of mail before the end of its business day.

"It's phenomenal the amount of packages and letters that go out in the mail today," said Sandy Moore with the postal service.

And employees are just trying to keep up. The Southside and Oglethorpe post offices are usually the busiest in Savannah this time of year, and today was no exception. "It's just traditional," said Moore. "We keep records over the years that people will go to the malls over the weekend and buy things."

People like William Harter, who is mailing a huge box to the Netherlands. "Just random stuff we picked out for the family."

Or Chris Burnett, who is mailing out almost 50 Christmas cards. "I just think it's a good way to keep in touch. We're losing the tradition with all the technology...it's great to do these personal things."

It was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas for these people, because whether it was presents, cards or letters, they were mailing out it makes them feel closer to family.

And many said they would do whatever it takes to make sure their holiday packages get to the people they love on time. The second busiest day in the post office will be next Monday, the last monday before Christmas. The postal service publishes various shipping deadline online.

Reported by: Hena Daniels, hdaniels@wtoc.com