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Community Spirit--MCAS Officers and Spouses

When you think about the men and women in the military these days, you might think about them off in another country like Iraq or Afghanistan, fighting a war, rebuilding a nation or on peacekeeping duty.

But when they're home, they are very much a part of out community.

It's hard to imagine, but the Marines and spouses at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort hosted a tea party, honoring some of the real treasures in the community. From the singing to the delicious lunch, MCAS rolled out the red carpet for the annual Senior Citizens Tea sponsored by the Officers' Spouses Club.

"We do it to bring the two communities together," said Col. Bob Walsh. "It's probably one of the few times people from the community, especially senior citizens, get to come to the air station. It's an opportunity, one time a year to see what we do and it's our opportunity to bring the two communities together and for them to enjoy the holiday spirit at the air station."

"I volunteered for this event, because the community does so much for the air station," said First Lt. Blake Veath. "It's just a great opportunity to give back a little bit and learn some new faces."

The Low Country seniors definitely look forward to this holiday tradition. "Oh it's great, the food it great, the atmosphere is great, the performances are great," said Bertha Hudson.

"The songs, the Christmas carols, the dances, Santa, everything is just wonderful," agreed Rosella Kelley.

And this tea is just as exciting for the seniors as the Marines and their spouses. For their generosity, the officers and their spouses are part of the WTOC Community Spirit.

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort has been hosting the event for the past 36 years.

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