Citizen Claims School Board Member Wrote Threatening Email

Brady at Monday's meeting.
Brady at Monday's meeting.

The recall process is continuing for members of the Savannah-Chatham Board of Education. Today, local political activist groups filed paperwork on District 2 representative Daniel Frazier. The group was expecting to also begin the same process for SuSu Cox, but have yet to find a person to chair the recall process from her district.

But there's more. A bizarre email is stirring up even more trouble for another board member. One man says Lori Brady sent him a threatening email--about him, but not intended for him to see.

Brady sent a flyer out to voters in District 6 with what she calls the truth regarding the SACS investigation. At Monday's town hall meeting, someone questioned her on it, and then the emails began.

"You're little truth piece, does it not undermine the efforts of the review committee?" asked concerned citizen Clint Murphy at the meeting.

"Clint, thanks for your question. I really appreciate it," said Brady. "It was an information piece I felt was necessary due to inaccuracies in the media."

Today Murphy described an email he believes was accidentally sent to him by Brady just hours after Monday's meeting: "It was intimidation. 'Don't mess with me.'"

The email Murphy says came from Brady reads in part: "I want to hurt him...tell me how!!! After the TRUTH question tonight, I want you to advise me on how to destroy him!!! I am giving you creative authority to answer to him, you are my political consultant...destroy him, you have my permission!


"I'm just someone who asked a question at a forum," said Murphy, who assumed the email was from Brady, intended for her political consultant, David Simons, who was also at Monday's meeting when Murphy asked his question.

"It wasn't to me, it was about me," said Murphy.

Simons refused to comment. And Brady denies any involvement. She told us by phone today, "No, I did not write it. I've closed those accounts. The account was breached. I am not sure if it was hacked or if someone accessed my email. This has been blown out of proportion. The whole thing is ridiculous. I have no reason to send my consultant after Clint Murphy. It's an unfortunate thing to happen. I am moving on."

"It came from her address," contended Murphy. "She was online and she responded immediately when I wrote her. If she didn't write it, who did?"

But it won't stop him from asking questions again. "I try to hold these people accountable and this is how they react. It's disturbing."

Though Brady says she didn't write the email and her political advisor says he has nothing to do with it, Clint Murphy says he'll see Brady again at next week's meeting with SACS officials.

Reported by: Don Logana,