Community Mourns Fire Chief

"What a loss to us, the Almighty has claimed - An Officer, a friend - Larry was his name.

Once he strode proudly along the street - with a smile on his face for all he would meet.

"Good morning" - or "Good evening" he would always say, "Hope things are fine" and "have a good day"

Off he would go, doing his daily task, taking care of duty, no questions asked. Concerned with safety day after day - keeping everyone secure and out of harm's way.

With a badge on his chest, wearing it with pride - and a heart of pure gold beating inside. His job was pleasant at time, occasionally bad, sometimes things happened that made him sad.

Yet, he went on without letting it show on his face, making life safer for the human race. An unselfish man, he gave his best to all. He shared our problems, going beyond duty's call.

He took others troubles as if they were his own. And to most of us, this was never known.

He was an inspiration to all, an example to kids. Did you ever stop to Thank him for the job that he did?

Chief Larry Rogers has answered his last call - gone Home to the Father - a great loss to us all."

"Claxton to 615 ........Claxton to 615......... All units be advised - Unit 615 is 10-7 .... 10-42 forever more."