Toys Top Holiday Shopping Lists

Christmas Eve is just a week away and people around the country are flocking to the stores for the last full weekend of shopping. The top priority for most shoppers is making sure their kids' holiday wishes come true. Toys are always among the hottest selling items. Fortunately, there's no need to travel all the way to the North Pole for great toys. Department and toy stores stock some of the hottest gifts on the market.

A new favorite at Target this year is the Luv Cub. "I think the kids like them because they're so soft, like babies," explains Target employee Anitra Thomas. "You can hug them and they hug you back. They can play peek-a-boo with you."

Many parents like to see what toys attract their children's interest in the store. Natasha Connett says her three year old daughter, Kirsten, will find some educational toys under her tree. "I think it's a good investment to have her keep up with her learning," says Connett. "I want to keep her brain occupied because she's an only child."

Yu-gi-oh cards are popular with the boys, but nine year old Mikayla Frazier is hoping Santa Claus will bring her a Bratz doll. "They're very pretty and they have big heads," says Mikayla. "They have lipstick on their lips and fun toys." She admits, parents may not share her feelings. "They think they're big headed freaks, but they're really not."

Electronic games and video games are always popular options, but the gaming systems can be expensive. Still, if you're on a budget, there are options that will cost you less than 20 dollars, like video game controllers that plug straight into your television. "The Plug & Play TV game for kids plugs into the TV," explains Thomas, "and it gives you five games. We have all kinds of varieties including SpongeBob and Ms. Packman."

Board games are another favorite. You can find everything from the well-known kids' classics to reality shows and party games for adults. One of the biggest hits is a comparison game geared to adults. "Apples to apples is an adult party game," says Thomas. "it's a real hot seller this year. Everyone's coming in looking for it."

Most of toys cost under $25. You can expect to pay more for educational toys; however, you can still find some systems for under $50.

Reported by Liz Flynn,