Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving dinner schedule

Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving dinner schedule


Savannah Feed the Hungry is launching its annual campaign to provide holiday meals for the homeless and others in need.

The organization will be sponsoring events in many cities across South Carolina and Georgia, including Savannah, Statesboro, Hinesville, Jesup, Sylvania, Pembroke, Claxton, Reidsville, Millen, Hazlehurst, and Glennville.

Complete list of Thanksgiving dinner dates and times:

Robert E. Howard Cafeteria , Orangeburg, South Carolina 1 p.m. (Nov. 21st)

Community Center Tipton, Georgia 2 p.m. (Nov. 21st)

Georgia National Guard, Glennville, Georgia 2 p.m. (Nov. 21st)

Agape Worship Center Levi, South Carolina (Nov. 21st)

Union Missionary Baptist Church Jesup, Georgia 2 p.m. (Nov. 21st)

Twisted Pines Golf Club Hazlehurst, Georgia 11 a.m. (Nov. 21st)

Community House Millen, Georgia 2 p.m. (Nov. 22nd)

Loretta Moore Center Statesboro, Georgia 3 p.m. (Nov. 22nd)

Evans County Community Center Claxton, Georgia 2 p.m. (Nov. 22nd)

St. Phillip Missionary Baptist Church Reidsville, Georgia 2 p.m. (Nov. 22nd)

Senior Citizen Center Pembroke, Georgia 12 p.m. (Nov. 22nd)

Glynn Academy School Brunswick, Georgia 2 p.m. (Nov. 22nd)

Lions Club Park Gym Darien, Georgia (Nov. 22nd)

Trueton County High School Soperton, Georgia 1 p.m. (Nov. 22nd)

The Castle: Hinesville, Georgia 3 p.m. (Nov. 23rd)

A. E. Beach High School Savannah,Georgia 5 p.m. (Nov. 26th)

Cail Community Center Sylvania, Georgia 1 p.m. (Nov. 26th)

*To find out how you can register to volunteer, contact Savannah Feed the Hungry at 912.349.0774*

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