Winds cause power outages across the area

The first of November was a quick reminder that it's Fall. Wind speeds reached 45 mile per hour, temperatures dropped below 50 degrees, and folks lost electricity.

"I was really, really cold, and I needed coffee," Judith Hightower said after she realized her electricity was out. 

Hightower was amongst the thousands of people who woke up in Southeast GA without power.

"We all woke up and it was out. My father-in-law went to the store and he saw the tree was down and the power company was working on it," Stephen Booth told WTOC. He retired from the Army two days ago. The strong wind knocked out his power, and briefly interrupted his retirement party plans.

"The day I retired I was putting up a tent and I was sweating, and it was hot, and today, since the cool front came through, it knocked down the tent that we had out here," Booth said. 

Crews were out majority of the day, trying to restore power. Booth said with the strong winds, he isn't going to rely on electricity. 

"We'll have the grill going and we got a bonfire in the back. Everyone will hangout in the house. Hopefully, the wind will die down," Booth said

"I think it's a warning that we better be ready for cold weather in January," Hightower said. 

Highs are expected to get back up int he 60's in the next few days.

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