Midwest Snow May Delay Local Flights

Southern Indiana this afternoon.
Southern Indiana this afternoon.

Severe weather in the Midwest is being felt in Savannah, where airlines are preparing for delays. As if the holidays weren't hectic enough, toss some bad weather into the travel plan mix.

Airtran's Norman Whipple expects the Midwest to be a big problem area. "They're looking at four to five feet of snow," he said. "Our flights out of Dayton may be delayed on account of the weather."

While passengers check in, Whipple says all it takes is one delay to turn Christmas travel into one big nightmare. "It's like a snowball rolling downhill. It gets bigger and bigger."

Whipple warns you should still get to the airport early and check out the screens for your flight information.

And the airport wants you to take it one step further. "The best thing people need to do is check with their carriers before they leave the house," said airport spokesperson Lori Lynah.

And she has a few more words of wisdom: don't stall and be patient. "It may be delayed down the line. But as soon as a plane is here, it's going to get out."

"People get really frustrated," said Whipple. "We try our best to make you as comfortable as we can."

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com