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Moose Lodge Raises Money for Children's Hospital

Did you get a good scare over Halloween? You may have helped a good cause. The Savannah Moose Lodge set up a haunted house and raised nearly $7,000. Now, they're donating the money to the Backus Children's Hospital.

The Moose Lodge has helped out Backus for three years now, and while most people are talking about Rudolph and Santa this time of year, Backus is thanking the ghosts and goblins right now.

"We are just so blessed to have people like the Moose Lodge who understand our needs," said the hospital's Deena Schwabe at yesterday's presentation.

"It's for children, and without them, there's no future," said Billy Morgan of the Moose Lodge. "That's what drew us to Backus Children's Hospital."

The lodge has been doing its haunted forest for years now, to the point where the screams speak volumes about their success. "From what we hear, we're the best at it around here," said Morgan.

Their improvement from year to year means more money for charity. And while $7,000 won't make or break the hospital, every bit helps. "Money is raised a dollar at a time, and put together we can do a great deal," said Schwabe.

The Moose Lodge didn't have quite as much money to hand out this year as previously, mainly because Mother Nature rained out a lot of the nights the haunted forest was supposed to be open for business.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

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