Family Continues Journey After Wreck Nearly Ends Vacation

The Hambros family's van.
The Hambros family's van.

Imagine loading up your family into the car and heading off to visit family for the holidays. You're not even halfway there when someone slams into your car, totaling it. That's what happened to one family early this morning. We spoke with the Hamboses earlier today, and after being treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital all six members of the family are doing okay.

This is not how the Hambroses wanted to start their Christmas vacation. The Florida family was on their way to New Jersey when all of a sudden someone slammed into the back of their van. "We pulled onto the ramp on to the highway, got up to speed, and all of a sudden somebody hit us from the back and we spun out of control," recalled George Hambros.

They crashed into the guard rail which is the only thing that kept them from spinning into oncoming traffic. The force of the impact mangled their van, scattering shoes and Christmas gifts all the way across the highway.

It could have been worse. "A six-year-old and a 3 1/2-year-old were in the back where we got hit," said Donna Hambros.

The Hambros family walked away with minor injuries and perhaps the best Christmas present of them all. "All those presents that I put in the topper and all of George's clothes, my husband's, they are gone and all those days of shopping and wrapping mean nothing now," said Donna. "But as long as we're all together it's all replaceable."

Now after salvaging what they could, the Hambroses packed everything into a rental car and are back on the road, on their way to their family. As for the SUV police say hit them, it ended up in the bushes and the driver walked away basically unharmed.

"Somebody said he might have fallen asleep or changed lanes and hit us on the corner," said George.

Just to let you know, they were all wearing their seat belts.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,