Winter Weather Strands Travelers

The temperatures may not reflect it, but Old Man Winter's icy grip is touching travelers right here in the Coastal Empire and Low Country. Winter storms in the Midwest are freezing travel plans for people far south.

Snow and ice have shut down several flights and delayed more travelers, like Tom Schwartz, trying to get back to Dallas, Texas. That slowdown is going to cost him his connecting flight in Atlanta, and Tom has just learned, there are no more flights to be had today.

"I mean, it's frustrating, but there's nothing the airline can do at this point," he said.

With car rentals hard to come by, he'll be spending at least part of the holiday in Savannah. But Tom's keeping up his Christmas spirit, and says he'll try again tomorrow. "We'll go out to dinner. I'd rather be stuck here than be stuck in the airport in Atlanta."

Reported by: Liz Flynn,