Community Spirit--Janet Carswell and Trinity Ministries

You've probably heard the African proverb, "it takes a village to raise a child." One Jasper County community is taking it to heart. WTOC spent a day with volunteers making a big difference in the lives of many children who really need a helping hand.

Working with the children in the Trinity Ministries Afterschool Program is the best part of Janet Carswell's day. "It's a pleasure for us to help these children," she told us. "We see the need to just help them develop to the fullest academic potential that they can."

With the help of West Hardeeville Elementary School, they're reaching children who really need the extra help with their school work.

"Some of these children are limited in their English and need to be taught English," said Carswell. "If we can accomplish that part in those children, we've done a great thing."

Others, like ten-year-old Caylon Morrison-Ford and his twin brothers, need help in other areas. They've been in the program for the last two years. "It's better when I come here because when I go home, I don't have anybody to help me with my work," said Caylon. "When I come here they help me."

Their mother, Tiffany Primus, is very happy with their progress. "With the program their grades have improved. They scored higher on their pact tests for the end of the year."

And that's what's happening for all of the students. Volunteers go all out to make sure they make learning fun so the children will look forward to coming every day. They also provide transportation from school to the program and home.

While the children are there, they get a snack and a hot meal. And the best part: the program is free.

"It's just what we feel we need to do to better their lives holistically," said Carswell. "We are committed to this. This is what we want to do and are going to do."

That's how Janet Carswell and Trinity Ministries capture the WTOC Community Spirit.

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