Fire Officials Urge Caution with Fireworks

New Year's Eve is three days away and that means fireworks. They're illegal in many parts of our area, including Savannah and Beaufort County, but that doesn't stop people from picking them up elsewhere. Fireworks stores in Hardeeville say business has been good and expect a big surge today and Thursday.

Firefighters want people to be careful. If you break the law, you will get a ticket. "A lot of them will move in here and and say 'Well, back home they're legal and you see them around here,' so they just assume they're legal and they will use them," said Donn Hicks with the Bluffton Fire Department.

Hicks says even something as simple as a sparkler can cause serious burns, and people who do shoot off fireworks need to make sure there's plenty of adult supervision.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,