Speak Out Editorial- 11/20/14

This Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons will play the Cleveland Browns, an AFC team, and it's a CBS game. You'd think that since WTOC is a CBS affiliate in Georgia we'd get the Falcons game - not so much.

Since it's 75 miles from the edge of the Jacksonville Market to the edge of the WTOC market, the NFL considers us a secondary market for the Jaguars so we're required to carry all of their games.

Trust me, we've appealed this decision to CBS many times, but each time they send us back to the NFL requirement that we carry the Jags. Now, we don't have anything against the Jags, we can even remember a time when they were pretty good and not the one win team they are right now.

The Falcons have four big wins, enough to put them at the top of their fairly sad division. It makes perfect sense for us to have the Falcons, so of course we won't.

Come on, NFL...give us a break.

What do you think?