Top Teacher--Shelley Graham

Shelley Graham
Shelley Graham

Shelley Graham comes from a long line of educators in Effingham County. She says it's something she was born to do.

She knows what it's like for her students sitting in the seats at Effingham County High School. In fact, she used to sit where they are. Graham graduated from Effingham County in 1994 and has been around the school system ever since she can remember.

"I have a lot of educators in my family and the superintendent is my uncle," she said. "Big push into going into this, always grew up in an environment surrounded by educators."

Graham teaches reading and English lit. She says she loves seeing the students light up when they learn something new. "I have a great group of students, they make my job easy. I love them and I think they love me back. That's a big part of my job."

Student Jessie Smart told us, "She's a kindhearted person and doesn't mind helping students. She will do anything to go out of her way."

"I hope they take away and learn they can be successful in the world, if they put forth the effort and believe in themselves," said Graham.

Shelley Graham, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla,