Speak Out Editorial- 11/24/14

This week marks that special, almost sacred time of year when we hold family and friends close to give thanks for the extraordinary gifts that another year has brought us. What's served will differ from family to family, but come Thursday whether turkey or sushi our tables will be filled with the best meal of the year. Then maybe a little touch football in the yard or just sit back and watch it on TV.

And then…if you work retail…its time to get after it.

Black Friday begins on Thursday for many stores this year…some as early as 6 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. Not Friday – Black Friday. Thanksgiving morning. Certainly, it's not illegal, but doggone it's a shame.

We understand the competitive nature of the business world and we sympathize with ambitious stores who are anxious to get a head start on the one day of the year that could make or break them.

But let's take a step back for a second.

America has thrived for over 200 years without tarnishing the spirit of thanksgiving and that means something. In fact we are so blessed we're gonna stop for one day as a nation, a whole nation, just to say thanks.

Unless of course you have to go to work.

It's a shame.

What do you think?