Tis the season for scams, don't fall for these

Holiday scams are in full swing for the holidays, according to the The Governor's Office of Consumer Protection.

Police say everyone needs to take precautions to safeguard their money.

Scammers know the holidays are a golden time to try to rip customers off.

The telephone is still one of the favorite tools of the scam artist, according to investigators.

Many people want to help others this time of the year, and scammers are taking advantage.

When donating, sending money to legitimate charities only is a must, experts say.

"They need to be on the lookout for a lot of charities. Any charity that calls you, or contacts you in an email- verify who they are," said Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain Craig Dodd.

Investigators recommend people ask the charity to mail you donation information. A legitimate charity can do that easily.

Or call the charity's phone number from a phone book, and not the phone number the caller or website gives out.

Another one that experts say increases this time of the year is end of the year tax scams. Don't believe any call claiming to be the IRS.

"They need you to come in for an audit. But oh well, if you'll just pay this much money now. [They tell people to] go buy a 'Green Dot' card. A Green Dot card to pay the IRS. Amazingly, people actually fall for it," said Dodd.

Investigators recommend never to give any financial information over the phone, unless you know exactly who you are talking with.

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