Small business Saturday

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Small business Saturday is the third day of the  biggest shopping weekend of the year, and some Savannah businesses are saying that this year was very slow, compared to previous years.

Small business Saturday was a movement that started a few years ago to help keep money in local communities and to boost smaller economies. For every 100 dollars that's spent at local small businesses, an estimated 68 dollars is kept locally. In Downtown Savannah, lots of shoppers and tourists crowded the streets but there wasn't much of a turnout. The owner of Go Fish clothing and jewelry company says she thinks the extended shopping weekend may be the reason people aren't spending as much money. 

"We've had fewer people actually spending. Our numbers were down about 25% but our average sale has been than it was last year. We thought there'd be a little bit more action. You know, there's been a lot of people but I think there is a limited amount of money you can spend in five days. You have stores that are open on Thanksgiving, then you have Black Friday, Small business Saturday, Sunday, and then Cyber Monday. That's five days where people are choosing where to spend their money."  

There are still two days left in the shopping weekend and downtown businesses are hoping for a larger crowd and more spending in the next few days.

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