Winter Weather Preparedness Week begins in Ga.

Winter Weather Preparedness Week begins in Ga.

ATLANTA (WTOC) - Winter Weather Preparedness Week begins in Georgia.

Governor Nathan Deal and GEMA are encouraging you to be ready for winter weather. Each day will focus on a different severe winter weather tip.

The Ready Georgia campaign is urging residents to learn about different ways to prepare:

  • Monday, Dec. 1: About Winter Weather in Georgia – Learn about the different types of severe weather that affect Georgia.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 2: Winter Weather Terminology – Learn about the different types of winter weather alerts and what they mean.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 3: Winter Weather Preparation Tips – Learn how to prepare a Ready kit and make a plan for severe winter weather.
  • Thursday, Dec. 4: Winter Weather Driving Safety – Learn best practices for driving in winter conditions and how to pack a mobile Ready kit.
  • Friday, Dec. 5: Winter Weather Outlook – Learn what to expect this winter.

Ted Wynn with Bulloch County Public Safety suggests pack some things in your car just in case you get stuck on the road. Wynn also said to pay attention to weather forecasts and don't think it can't happen in south Georgia.

"In Georgia, anything's possible. We have droughts, we have severe thunderstorms, we've got hurricanes, we've got winter storms. We get a litttle of it all so people need to be prepared," he said.

GEMA stresses that preparedness is key.

“By making a winter weather plan and staying informed, all Georgians can do their part to stay safe as the temperature in our state drops,” said Governor Nathan Deal. “During Winter Weather Preparedness Week, an initiative of the Severe Winter Weather Warning and Preparedness Task Force, our citizens will be provided with information to help equip their families and homes with the tools necessary to prevent dangerous winter weather situations before they happen.”

“All of Georgia is susceptible to winter weather, including freezing rain, sleet, ice, snow and extreme cold. These threats can cause unsafe driving conditions, power outages and other problems,” said GEMA/Homeland Security Director Charley English. “Winter Weather Preparedness Week is the perfect time to learn about these threats and how to prepare for them.”

The most important preparedness step Georgians can take is to put together a Ready kit with a three-day supply of food, water and other critical supplies needed when winter weather causes power outages or makes it unsafe to travel. In addition, putting together a mobile Ready kit for vehicles that includes a car charger, ice scraper, jumper cables, blankets and sand for traction is recommended.

It's also important to stay weather-aware by monitoring the news for potential storms. Using a NOAA Weather radio at home and Ready Georgia's mobile app on the go to get alerts are also good ways for residents to make sure they aren't caught off guard. The mobile app was upgraded earlier this year to add audible alerts that are geo-targeted to the user's location, keeping them more aware of changing weather conditions.

For more information on preparing for winter weather and other disasters, contact your local EMA or visit



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