5 new stores opening at the Savannah Mall

5 new stores opening at the Savannah Mall

The Savannah Mall announces five new stores launching in the coming weeks. National retailer Toys-R-Us Express is open, along with four small businesses.

Dough Boys is a pretzel cookie company owned by self-taught bakers Robert Kisabeth, Chris Rollins and Mike Fish offering delectable pretzel cookies in flavors such as sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, white chocolate macadamia and red velvet. Dough Boys opened Saturday, Oct. 25 on the first floor beside Virginia College. Kisabeth, Rollins and Fish also own Fitness Emporium in the Savannah Mall, which sells fitness equipment. For more information about Dough Boys, LLC, contact the team at doughboysllc@gmail.com.

Another small business opening at the Savannah Mall is Sweet Possibilities, a candy and lottery company located at the Ruby Tuesday entrance and next to Mastercuts. Jayne Harvest, a massage therapist, is the owner of Sweet Possibilities, which is scheduled to open Thursday, November 13.

"My business name is 'Have Faith in Your Destiny' to honor my daughters, Destiny who is seven-years-old and Faith who is six-years-old. My storefront name is 'Sweet Possibilities' for the candy is sweet and the possibilities are endless," Harvest said, "I grew up watching my mom play the lottery and helping her pick winning tickets. As I matured, so did my love for the lottery. I think it's a fun escape for people and I am very excited to share this opportunity with my daughters as a way to teach them work ethic."

Sweet Possibilities will be selling candy, snack and sodas immediately after opening, and Georgia Lottery sales will be available as soon as January. For more information about Sweet Possibilities, email Harvest at tipurr2@yahoo.com.

"Currently, 48% of the tenants at the Savannah Mall are local business owners. I encourage small business owners explore their leasing options as a way to connect with a large number of consumers," said Phil McConnell, General Manager of the Savannah Mall.

Tony Thomas, Alderman of District 6 and Chairman of City Council in Savannah, opened the first STUFF STORE this July at the Savannah Mall on the lower level. After feeling the advantage of being connected with so many shoppers, Alderman Thomas is expanding his brand by opening a second store on the upper level of the mall. Both STUFF STORES feature antiques, collectibles and eclectic pieces.

Additionally, Tech Life, owned by Chris Daye, will open at the Savannah Mall. Tech Life will offer items such as electronic gifts and remote control toys. Tech Life will be Daye's third store in the Savannah Mall.

McConnell continued, "The Savannah Mall is in a position to put local business owners into business with reasonable rents and either short term or long term leasing options. This would allow owners to try concepts without investing a lot of dollars in the initial cost of a new store build out."