Questions Remain in GSU Student's Death

Levon Jones, 1979-2004.
Levon Jones, 1979-2004.
A still frame from home video shows two bouncers on Jones, who is invisible beneath them.
A still frame from home video shows two bouncers on Jones, who is invisible beneath them.

Days after Levon Jones died in New Orleans, there are conflicting reports about circumstances surrounding his death outside a nightclub.

Many want answers, including the NAACP. They are calling for an investigation.

Some in New Orleans wonder if race got Jones and his friends kicked out of the club. Back home, one of his friends says it took hours before he realized this wasn't some cruel practical joke and his friend since childhood was really gone.

Loved ones call Levon Jones a competitor and a peacemaker from the beginning. He played football at Statesboro High and West Georgia College and came home for graduate school at Georgia Southern to be near family.

"He didn't like to see anybody to be taken advantage of, whether in life or on the sports field, anywhere, anything," said Randal Jones, who never thought his brother's loyalty and sense of fairness could get him killed.

Amateur video from the scene shows Jones on the ground underneath two Bourbon Street bouncers. You can see his friend Anthony Williams on the right handcuffed and held. Witnesses say the bouncers roughly kicked Williams out of their club because he didn't meet the club's dress code and Jones came to his friend's defense. Friends say several bouncers held him down in the street while another choked him to death.

"To go in that manner is just unbelievable and shocking," said high school teammate Jason Rawls. "It's still shocking that nobody will see him again on this earth."

From an early age in Statesboro, Jone's life revolved around sports. In fact, he was in New Orleans for a national flag football championship.

Family members are trying to say goodbye. "My brother touched lives in positive ways," said Randal. "We just ask everybody to look within themselves for why he was taken away."

And it may be a long time before they have their answer.

Loved ones will gather tonight at Hill's Mortuary for visitation. Jones' funeral will be tomorrow.

According to our CBS sister station in New Orleans, the owners of the club say their bouncers were provoked. Police are still investigating what happened.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,