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Savannah Fire and Emergency offers fireworks safety tips for New Year's Eve celebrations

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As the new year approaches, many people plan to ring in 2015 by enjoying fireworks displays. New Year's Eve and fireworks seem to go hand-in-hand and Savannah firefighters want all citizens to enjoy a safe and fire-free celebration.

Georgia law (O.C.G.A 25-10-1 Regulation of Fireworks) bans the possession and use of fireworks in the state. The Georgia legislature has defined illegal fireworks as any object that propels itself or a projectile – such as bottle rockets and roman candles - and any item that produces a report (“bang”) – such as firecrackers and bottle rockets. Generally, any type of sparkler, sparkling showers, and whirling shower items are permitted under Georgia law.

Savannah firefighters encourage citizens to follow safety precautions and to read a follow all label warnings and instructions before using any type of fireworks. Play it safe around legal fireworks and supervise children around fireworks. Parents are urged to purchase legal fireworks from Georgia retailers who sell items in compliance with state law.

The purchase of fireworks at neighboring state retailers is discouraged, as those retailers have no burden to comply with Georgia laws. The fireworks purchased from these retailers may actually be illegal in Georgia.

The ultimate safety precaution is for citizens to forego the backyard variety of fireworks celebrations and instead enjoy one of the many professionally staged fireworks displays.


? Obey state and local laws

? Read and follow all label warnings & directions

? Use fireworks outdoors only

? Use fireworks on smooth, level surfaces and away from buildings & flammable materials

? Use fireworks only as intended. Never combine or alter fireworks

? Never try to re-light fireworks that malfunction (“duds”)

? Always have a water supply nearby (hose or bucket)

? Spectators should maintain a safe distance from fireworks

? Never use homemade fireworks. Report illegal explosives

? Adult supervision of children is essential, even with sparklers

? Forego backyard celebrations and enjoy professionally staged fireworks displays

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