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Speak Out Editorial- 12/27/14

We have what we hope will be a sobering statistic for this holiday season. A recent report by Car Insurance Comparison Inc. said that South Carolina is number one in fatalities in one of their driving categories; Georgia is 28th.

In drunk driving South Carolina is 8th while Georgia's 45th. The disparity between the neighbors bears looking into: what measures has Georgia taken that have been effective in reducing drunk driving and fatalities? But there's a larger point here: what can we do to reduce fatalities and drunk driving to zero in both states, that's the real goal.

Our lawyer friends remind us that a DUI, without a traffic accident, will cost between $5,000 and $12,000. We won't even discuss the cost if there's a wreck; that's a price that can't be calculated in dollars and cents.

Have fun this holiday season but be sure whoever drives is focused and sober. I won't ask what you think on this one because I believe it's one topic on which we all agree.

Let's not add to the statistics. Happy holidays.

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