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New Orleans Coroner's Report Issued in GSU Student's Death

Levon Jones Levon Jones

The coroner's report has been released in the death of a Georgia Southern Student. Levon Jones was killed outside a nightclub in New Orleans and now at least one of the bouncers is facing negligent homicide charges.

Video taken from outside the Razzoo Club and Patio Bar on Bourbon Street shows three bouncers holding Jones down on the pavement. One had him in a chokehold, another was pushing down on his back and a third held his feet.

The coroner said today that Jones' death was caused by a combination of being held in a chokehold for 12 minutes and the pressure of someone on his back prevented him from breathing.

"There was about a 12- to 14-minute period where he was being held like this," said coroner Frank Minyard. "Levon was a strong young man. He weighed about 200 pounds and played flag football, so something like this shouldn't have happened."

We're told that New Orleans police have issued arrest warrants and plan on making arrests tonight.

Yesterday, Jones' family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the nightclub. The NAACP is also calling for a grand jury and justice department investigation.

WTOC is continuing to follow this story. We'll have the very latest tonight on THE News at 11.

Reported by: Katie Pike,

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