New Orleans Bouncers Arrested in Levon Jones' Death

Three New Orleans bouncers are in jail after the coroner says they choked a Georgia Southern student to death. All three bouncers who fought with Levon Jones on New Year's Eve--Arthur Irons, 40, Clay Montz, 32, and Matthew Taylor, 21--are now in police custody. They surrendered to authorities last night after warrants for their arrests were issued.

All three are charged with negligent homicide.

Jones' family and friends in Statesboro are still coming to terms with his death. They are shocked. They are grieving. Now, they want justice to be done.

"I just hope and pray the justice system in this country will stand up and will handle these individuals in the best way they should be handled," said friend Andre Hill.

"Now that everything is starting to pan out that he wasn't at fault and it was the fault of the bouncers, we're just looking for justice to be served," Ralph Scott, Jones' cousin, told us.

It started in the early hours of New Year's Eve day. Witnesses say bouncers kicked Levon Jones' friend out of Razoo's nightclub for not meeting the dress code. When Jones tried to help his friend, bouncers grabbed him in a chokehold, which ultimately led to his death.

New Orleans coroner Frank Minyard demonstrated the chokehold to the media, saying Jones was in the hold for "a 10, 12, 13, 14 minute time."

Minyard says Jones had a blood-alcohol level of 0.12, enough to be considered legally drunk, but not enough to lead to his death. "He had just had some drinks," Minyard said. "It wasn't way over that it would cause his death."

Levon Jones was in New Orleans for a flag football tournament. Now, his family and friends still can't believe he won't be playing again.

"It's like a bad dream and I'm wishing I could wake up from it," said Hill. "But the reality is, it's something we have to deal with."

Jones' family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the club. Of course, we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest as it becomes available.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,