Suspects Elude Police After Chase

Hardeeville police are asking for your help after a scary high-speed chase early yesterday morning. Just before 2am, a Hardeeville officer tried to pull over a car heading southbound on I-95.

What resulted was a chase with speeds topping 100 miles an hour. Eventually, the car careened off the road, and couldn't negotiate a turn before launching over the ramp at Exit 5.

"Our guy was following behind them and as they jumped the off ramp, our officer obviously didn't follow them in a Dukes of Hazzard leap across the exit ramp," said Rob Dewig with Hardeeville PD. "When he managed to get to the car, they had already fled in the woods."

There were four men in the car, who all escaped despite some apparent injuries and an extensive search with a thermal imaging camera. The car was reported stolen from Savannah.

If you have any information about this chase, please call Hardeeville police at 843.784.2231.

Reported by: Charles Gray,