American Cancer Society Working to Save Treatment Programs

Funding for several cancer programs is in jeopardy of state budget cuts, which would affect thousands of Georgians. But one group is trying to help.

The Community Advocacy Action Team, run by the American Cancer Society, was at Memorial Health with a petition to keep the programs in place. The three programs in question are Breast Test and More, Georgia Women's Health Medicaid program, and Cancer State Aid. They all help people who can't afford treatment.

Memorial Health usually handles these patients. "Memorial Health does more Cancer State Aid than anyone, Grady is second and they come a little close," said Dr. William Hoskins. "We had 120 new patients last year and 200 returning."

The group will be at Memorial Health today collecting signatures for the petition. They will be in the cafeteria between 11am and 1pm.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,