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Speak Out Editorial- 1/8/15

So there you were Sunday afternoon watching the Bengals and the Colts right here on WTOC when this happened: 

John Wetherbee: “You're under tornado warning now until 4:15…tornado watch has been extended….”

We heard from a lot of you who were upset with us for interrupting the football game so let me show you why we did it.

The tornado that John was interrupting the game for did in fact wreak significant devastation in Alma and Berwick which are both part of the WTOC viewing area. Limbs and trees were downed throughout the market and its critical to note that the conditions created the possibility that what happened in Alma could have happened anywhere.

Two things to keep in mind when severe weather threatens: WTOC is a broadcast television station serving from Sylvania to Hilton Head to Hazlehurst. We're responsible for doing our best to keep viewers in that entire area informed and safe.

We hate to interrupt programming, but as Pat Prokop told us the other day the problem is we just don't know where the devastation will strike. But we DO know that the conditions exist for that to happen. It's our duty to warn you and even though it upsets many of you we have to keep doing that.

What do you think?

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