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Teen Busted in Felony Marijuana Case

The suspect is led away. The suspect is led away.

There were some tense moments this afternoon for ATF agents on Wilmington Island. Details are still sketchy. ATF agents showed up with a search warrant, and the suspect--19 year-old Marvin Cox--refused to let them in.

This all happened while his father was on the front lawn, watching.

As Cox was carted away in handcuffs, his neighbors couldn't believe what they were watching.

"I was scared," neighbor Debra Bays said. "I didn't know what was going on."

Bays has lived on Oemler Loop for the last four years, across the street from Cox and his parents.

"They seem like a nice family," she told us. "I always say hi, see them at the grocery store and stop and chat."

The teenager wouldn't let ATF agents in. After 15 minutes of negotiations, police went inside, arrested Cox and recovered a large amount of marijuna and $6,000 cash.

Cox was taken into police custody as neighbors and his parents watched.

"This is not the neighborhood for that," said Bays. "I am surprised this is going on in this neighborhood."

The investigation is still ongoing. ATF officers would not say how much marijuana was found, only that is was a felony amount.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com

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