Marine Runs in Tsunami Fundraiser

LCpl. George Holmes
LCpl. George Holmes

They've counted about 7,000 bodies of tsunami victims today alone. That raises the number of deaths in south Asia to more than 156,000. As we've seen over the past couple of weeks, our community has really pulled together to help these victims.

Now some Marines are stepping up and off to do their part.

"After watching the news and seeing some of the images, I couldn't stand by and not do anything," LCpl. George Holmes said.

That's why Holmes put on his running shoes and teamed up with the Palmetto and Savannah chapters of the American Red Cross to raise money for the tsunami victims. "I decided since I really couldn't give money, I would try to help raise money."

And that's exactly what he did as he ran from the Red Cross in Bluffton to Lady's Island. It's a 30-mile hike he and his fellow Marines from Parris Island had never done before. But it was a something he says he just had to do.

"It was a good feeling to know I completed it and know I helped out with the tsunami relief," he said. "It makes me feel good. I'm just glad there was a lot of response."

"It's just unbelievable that someone has that much heart, energy, stamina, to go that far for a worthy cause," said Julie Dimitrov with the Red Cross.

Now that LCpl. Holmes has done his part, he's hoping others will follow suit. "I hope it will inspire others to come out or do something to help out," he said.

Many in the community have done their parts as they've given donations and sponsored Holmes' run.

Although Holmes has completed the run, you can still donate to the relief effort. The Red Cross will be collecting donations at the Palmetto chapter in Bluffton and at Adventure Radio on Mall Boulevard in Savannah until 7pm tonight.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,