2004, 2006 License Decals Similar in Color

The colorful sticker you get when you renew your Georgia tag is causing confusion across the Peach State. All drivers should have annual renewal stickers on their tags. The 2004 stickers were yellow, the 2005 stickers are silver, but oops, the 2006 stickers also a shade of yellow--gold to be exact.

The DMV hasn't received any complaints. But police have. To a passing officer, yellow and gold look pretty similar, so police were put on alert.

"What that means for law enforcement is that we will be paying a little closer attention to those decals," said SCMPD spokesman Sgt. Mike Wilson.

Trying to cheat the system by peeling off the 2005 silver sticker to show the old yellow one may be easy, but it's not a trick police will let you get away with. They are cracking down, making sure drivers don't try to take advantage of the similarity.

"For those individuals who try to utilize the 2004 decal in place of the 2006, that's a misdemeanor and they could be charged up to $1,000," said Wilson.

An email alert went out to the entire Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, and that department, along with all the other law enforcement agencies, will be making sure everyone has found gold for 2006, or it will cost you a lot of green.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com