Hometown Hero--Goerganne Eibe

Goerganne Eibe
Goerganne Eibe

For many senior citizens, staying warm in a drafty environment is a challenge. But thanks to the United Way, blankets will provide some much-needed warmth. Most of the blankets were donated through corporate contributions. But some are special: they were hand made by Georganne Eibe.

"Last Christmas, when we were volunteering at local nursing homes, visiting on Christmas Day, I saw so many elderly people that just had sheets on them or old blankets," she said. "I decided it was their turn to get something pretty that they could use and stay warm."

Each blanket takes about eight to 12 hours to complete.

"I think it represents warmth in more ways than one, and especially people like Georganne has taken the time to actually do something with her hands," Shirley Sessions, director of volunteer services, told us.

Georganne and her husband Edward also volunteer at the Oatland Island Education Center and the Tybee Lighthouse. Since they retired a few years ago, volunteering has become a major part of their lives.

"I enjoy being with people very much, and I like to just give of my time and watch other people have a good time and help them along the way," Georganne said.

For her strong desire to help make her community a better place, Goerganne Eibe is this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com