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Kite festival leaves behind mess

 An annual festival in a Chatham County park draws around a thousand people, and tonight a mess is still left behind.

Dozens of kites and thousands of feet of string littered L. Scott Stell Park following the Savannah Kite Festival, and created some hidden dangers for park go-ers and wildlife alike.

WTOC spoke to a family that spent hours picking up kites and trying to get the nearly impossible-to-see string out of walking paths to make it safer for others.

"When we got out here, we were shocked to see just how dirty this park was," said John Culpepper.

Culpepper, his wife and four children altered their plans to enjoy a sunny afternoon at L. Scott Stell Park, instead spending it cleaning.

"We did about two hours worth of trash pick-up, and I think we only got a good handful," Culpepper said.

Culpepper said he and his family were Geocaching, which is an internet-based scavenger hunt, that encourages it's participants to clean up their surroundings.

"It's funny because Geocaching has a 'cache in, trash out' campaign. So you go out to find a Geo-cache, and you come out with bags full of trash. We definitely fulfilled that today," Culpepper noted.

Sunday's festival was sponsored by the Savannah Cricket Club, and it's meant to celebrate an Indian holiday marking the changing of seasons.
A festival representative said the organizers plan on coming out Wednesday to clean up the remaining mess, but some say that's not soon enough because of the dangers the kite string creates.

"One of our kids was clothes-lined at least once just walking down the path, because kite string is hard to see, and they're just running along. We're just lucky that no one got seriously hurt with kite string going across the paths," said Culpepper.

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