Marine Father, Son to Deploy to Same Base in Iraq

Cpl. Toborg inspects a jet.
Cpl. Toborg inspects a jet.

Hundreds of Marines from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort are deploying to Iraq. It's a mission that will take most of them away from their families, but that's not the case for one young corporal with Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 2-24.

When Cpl. Travis Toborg found out his father was also deploying to Iraq with his reserve unit, he did all he could to make sure he could meet up with him, and now he will.

As a plane captain with the squadron, Cpl. Toborg checks the jets, making sure they're ready for the squadron's upcoming deployment. And it was a deployment this young corporal fought to be a part of.

"I submitted three tries," he said. "Guard duty. Whatever it takes."

He even had to volunteer to switch squadrons. But for Cpl. Toborg it didn't matter, he wanted to be a part of this deployment not only for his country, but for his family. His father, Sgt. Timothy Toborg, is heading to Iraq with his Guard unit in a few months and he didn't want to miss this opportunity.

"I figured it would be fun," said Cpl. Toborg. "I'll be out there with my father, and some of his buddies and my best friend."

In fact, Cpl. Toborg and his father will actually be assigned to the same base in Iraq. "Maybe work side by side on the aircrafts. That would be cool."

Although his father is pretty excited about the news, his mother has some reservations. "As a mother, she says she doesn't want me to go, but as a wife, she's happy because Dad and I will be out there together and we'll have each other's backs."

This will be Cpl. Toborg's second deployment to Iraq within a year. He's scheduled to leave this week.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,