Johnson Addresses Rotary

The state of the city address was not delivered by Savannah mayor Otis Johnson today. The mayor made that clear as he spoke to the Savannah Rotary Club.

Though many of his predecessors delivered their annual "report card" addresses to civic club audiences, Mayor Johnson invited Rotarians and others to hear that speech at the Savannah Civic Center later this month.

The mayor admitted his first year has not been without controversy. "One thing that all of us know is that you cannot please all of the people all of the time," he said. "And during these four years, I will make decisions that will make some of you  mad and some of you happy, but in the long run, I hope you put that against the litmus test of, 'Is it in the best interest for all of the people?'"

Mayor Johnson will present his state of the city address at the civic center on January 25 at 7pm.

Reported by: Sonny Dixon,