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Speak Out Editorial- 1/22/15

Over the holidays a local watering hole put up a tasteless sign: we like our beer like we like our violence…domestic. Not funny ever and especially not funny in the context of recent history.

2014 was the year domestic violence got in our faces. From NFL football player Ray Rice's caught on tape behavior, to the tragedy of Lauren Smart Brown in savannah, a case made worse by the fact that her husband had previous domestic violence convictions in Ohio. The family was unaware of those and you have to wonder what a critical difference it might have made had they known.

In South Carolina the numbers are even worse; the Palmetto State bears the burden of having the second highest rate of women being murdered by men. We have to solve this problem.

One step is to join with Lauren's family to push for a domestic violence registry that would function much the way the sex abuse registry does: identifying previous abusers and alerting law enforcement and possible victims of the dangers.

We think Georgia and South Carolina should have those registries to protect innocent people from being abused or worse.

What do you think?

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