Port Wentworth Lights Reduce Accidents

Three traffic lights on Georgia Route 21 and I-95 in Port Wentworth have made a world of difference. This used to be a bad intersection for accidents. But since the lights were installed in October, the number of accidents and the number of injuries have dropped 50 percent.

Some were worried that the lights would back up traffic, but so far, so good.

"It moves pretty well, it's a lot more orderly than because the traffic lights were installed," said Chief James Melvin of Port Wentworth PD. "We still have rush hour backups early in the morning and late in the afternoon, but it's much smoother and safer than it was."

The need for those lights has increased dramatically in recent years due to growth in west Chatham and Effingham, and though it took a while to get the lights installed, Port Wentworth leaders say it was worth the wait.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter, mpaynter@wtoc.com