Marines, Family Wait for Deployment

You know the military drill: hurry up and wait. That's life for dozens of Marines from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. Those with Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31 and VMFA 2-24 were supposed to leave earlier today. Whether or not they actually deploy tonight, it's especially tough for their.

It's been a long and emotional day for the families. But even at five years old, Jayna Detton knows why she's at the air station today with her dad, Sgt. Jason Detton. "Because my daddy is leaving today."

Something Jayna says makes her feel sad. "Cause I just like it when my dad is at home with me."

But many military parents say it's hard for the children to understand what's going on, especially the little ones.

"They really don't understand why I'm going, that's the main thing," said SSgt. Keith Pittman. "They'll probably understand when they're older, but for right now it's not going to sink into their heads that I'm going away."

However, many Marines, like Sgt. Joe Lariche, are doing all they can to keep their connection with their young ones.

"He has a little picture book with our pictures in it to just keep him familiar when I get back," said Sgt. Lariche.

Many of the children are doing their parts, too, bringing gifts and  coloring pictures.

Many of the Marines tell us they plan on keeping in touch with their loved ones with email.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,