Victim Expected to Recover in Rincon Shooting

Police are still baffled by a shooting in Effingham County. They say a man shot his girlfriend in the chest, then committed suicide. The shooting happened yesterday afternoon in Rincon's Ridgewood subdivision.

The victim, Laura Rahn, is in critical, but stable, condition. Police say her boyfriend shot her twice in the chest with a semi-automatic handgun. They say miraculously she is expected to be okay, but they have a lot of questions for her about what happened.

The deputies who are investigating the shooting have a special interest in this case; Rahn used to be one of their own. Her home is a crime scene and investigators' top priority.

"Anytime you have anything of this magnitude with friends or family, it's always a lot more difficult but you have to put that aside and handle it like you would anybody else," said Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie.

Paramedics airlifted Rahn to Memorial Health yesterday afternoon, after they found her bleeding and unconscious near the front door. Her boyfriend, James Hobbs, was lying dead in the bathroom.

Police say the couple was arguing, then obviously it got out of hand. Until police can talk to Rahn, they won't know what they were arguing about or what led Hobbs to shoot her and then turn the gun on himself.

Police are investigating the case as an attempted murder and suicide. They are hopeful that Rahn will pull through and give them some much-needed answers.

"She's doing a lot better, came through surgery okay," said Sheriff McDuffie. "She had a lot of internal injuries but doctors seem to be optimistic about it, if there's no internal bleeding, she should be okay."

Sheriff McDuffie says he knew both Rahn and her boyfriend. They came by the department often, but he never suspected anything like this would happen. He said last he heard, they were planning to get married.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,