Two Injured in Garden City Shooting

Police found the victims at this house on Fifth Street.
Police found the victims at this house on Fifth Street.

Two men had to be rushed to the hospital when they came under attack early today. Shortly after 3am, police were called to house on Fifth Street near Highway 80 where they found two men with gunshot wounds. One man was hit in the chin, the other in the back. They were also both cut from what appears to be flying glass.

They tell police an early-model Buick pulled up behind their car on Highway 80 near Burnsed Avenue and someone inside the Buick opened fire.

The men say they got out of their car and ran to the house. They were both rushed to Memorial Health for treatment.

Police located the car the men were in on Third Street. The Toyota was riddled with bullet holes and all four tires were flat. Just up the road at Burnsed and Highway 80, officers found a stop light that had been knocked down.

Officers believe the shooting must have happened near that area and the men drove to Third Street before getting out of the car and running to the house.

The victims' names have not yet been released.

Reported by: Steven Shoob,