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Hometown Hero--Jean Asta

Jean Asta Jean Asta

The Ronald McDonald House of the Coastal Empire has served more than 8,000 families since it opened in 1987. Hundreds of volunteers keep it going, but it's the resident manager who keeps them going.

About a year ago, Jean Asta decided to leave the corporate world and take a job where she could have a direct impact on the lives of people. She became the resident manager of Ronald McDonald House.

"I think really, the passion for me is getting to see how amazing people can be," she said. "Not just the people who are here with the families and the struggles they are going through, but also the volunteers that I see come in."

Having a sick child and being in an unfamiliar city can be emotionally and financially draining, but Ronald McDonald House can take away some of that stress.

"She's always been there, whenever we needed anything, all we got to do is just give her a call and she'll figure out what's going on," said Travis Lee, parent of a sick child, of Asta.

It seems that everyone who comes in contact with Asta has the same opinion.

"She's a wonderful person to have around," said volunteer JoAnn Maceyko. "She a very people person. She meets with them as soon as they check in, even though we check them in, she's here to meet with them or she gets to know them that day. With her here 24 hours a day, naturally she's kind of head of the family."

Family is what Ronald McDonald House is all about. For going above and beyond the call of duty to help families of sick children cope with their situations, Jean Asta is this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com


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