Thirteen Displaced by Fire

Imagine losing everything you own. That's what happened to a mother and her five children this afternoon.

Around 1pm, a fire broke out in their apartment in Frazier Homes near Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard and Gwinnett Street.

Tomiko Mobley got a call that would make any mother panic, telling her her house was on fire and her children may still be upstairs.

"I got up there, everything was in flames," she told us. "They were saying you can't go in there. I said my child may be in there."

Tomiko and her family stood on the sidewalk, watching, waiting, hoping firefighters would get to her children in time. Luckily all of her children did get out safely.

But then there was more chaos. Just a block away, a gun was fired. Moments later, a fight.

"Everybody was everywhere, running everywhere," Tomiko said. "You hear the gunshots, the house is on fire, people fighting. I don't know, it doesn't look like the place I use to stay at."

While police ran to see what was going on, Tomiko began picking up the pieces of her life. "All of my kids' stuff was in that room," she said.

The fire started at Frazier Home apartments, just moments after the MLK Day parade ended, and dozens of spectators stood there and watched her and her family lose everything.

"As of now, we have no place to stay. We don't have clothes, no furniture."

A total of thirteen people were displaced by the fire, which is still under investigation.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,