Parade Watchers Turn Out Despite the Cold

The Martin Luther King, Jr., Day parade in Savannah is always big and delivers a huge crowd. It was cold, which may have kept a few people away early on, but as it got warmer, more people came out and helped make this year's event bigger than ever.

"It's a little bit cold, a little bit, but we can get warm later," said spectator Tammi Varner.

Varner and her cousin Brenda Ruffin brought their kids out to the 26th annual MLK remembrance. It's their fifth parade. "He gave us so much and this is our way of giving back and supporting him," said Varner.

For her kids, today is more than just a day off. It's an educational experience. "They need to know where they came from to find out where they are going."

And the youngsters we spoke with seem to have a grasp of Dr. King's message.

"He had a dream we would be nice to each other and would be kind to everyone," said Louis Strickland III.

"We would all go to the same schools and all share the same bathrooms," was how young Marika Brownlee put it.

"He said everyone should be free and live together in peace," said Khamish Hunter.

Varner says, with her family by her side, it's Dr. King's spirit which helps them make a small sacrifice in his honor. "That will keep us warm right now," she said.

The parade started at Gwinnett and Montgomery Streets, headed north on Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard to Broughton Street, east to East Broad, wrapping up at East Broad Elementary School. Quite a hike in these chilly temperatures.

Reported by: Don Logana,