Beaufort Parade Honors MLK

They're remembering the dream in the Low Country today. The Martin Luther King, Jr., Day parade in Beaufort wasn't a long one, but it was certainly an event people were proud to be a part of.

It's a day for many to reflect upon the contributions Dr. King made in this community and throughout the nation. "MLK was a dreamer and most of his dreams have come true, and we're just here to support him," said spectator Maggie Reynolds.

As many gathered on the streets downtown, they looked toward Dr. King's dreams and our nation's future. "We want to keep MLK's dreams alive," said Reynolds. "As an older person, we want to make sure all the younger kids would honor him and know what he stands for."

And that's exactly why James and Cheron Reynolds braved the cold to bring their three children to this annual event. "I appreciate what he did and all he struggled for," James told us. "He may not be able to see what all has happened, but it's a day for me to take off and reflect to teach my kids about what the civil rights were all about."

Although Dr. King isn't here today physically, many say his spirit is alive.

"He helped tell everyone that they're equal," said Javonte Scott. "He is one of the most important men in history because without him, we wouldn't have a good society."

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,