Post-parade Scuffle Disturbs Neighborhood

Police on the scene.
Police on the scene.

It came close to chaos yesterday afternoon, landing five people in jail. A lot of people had been filtering back into Frazier Homes projects after the MLK Day parade, and even more were out watching the fire department trying to put out flames in an apartment, when all of a sudden, someone fired a gun.

"I heard the gunshot and everyone started running," said resident Alysa Williams.

From there, things quickly escalated. It all began with one fist fight. Then another. And with hundreds of people looking, and in some cases egging the fights on, police nearly lost control.

Nobody got hurt in any of the fights, but police arrested one juvenile on felony drug charges and another for throwing a brick at an officer.

A lot of people in the Frazier and Kayton Home complexes say they've never quite seen anything like the crowds following police, and some say it's changed their minds about even living there any more. Alysa Williams told us the even could "make you want to move."

Within a few hours, the mood in the two housing complexes had calmed down, but it's a Martin Luther King, Jr., Day that many people in downtown won't forget for a while.

"It's ironic, but fortunately no one was injured and order's been restored," said Chief Dan Flynn of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.

Police never recovered a gun, but one of the juveniles they arrested did have a pellet gun. In all, there were two adults and three juveniles facing charges by the time everything settled down.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,