Assistant Army Secretary Meets Third ID Troops

Claude M. Bolton, Jr.
Claude M. Bolton, Jr.

The Third Infantry Division in its entirety should be in the Middle East by the end of this month. But the troops who have yet to deploy had a very special visitor today, the assistant secretary of the Army, Claude M. Bolton, Jr. He wanted to remind the troops at Fort Stewart just how important they are and to remind them why they're the most powerful army in the world.

Bolton spoke about Martin Luther King, Jr., and the dream he had for all Americans. Black, white, women, and men all from the same Army all fighting for one cause. A cause that was part of King's dream. As the soldiers of the Third ID reflected, they were all reminded of how far we've come as Americans.

"The most powerful country on the face of the earth, citizens can go to the polls, can vote, leave the polls and not be threatened," said Bolton. "There's no guns here."

With Iraq facing an upcoming election, these soldiers will also be reminded how far they'll have to go to help give the people of Iraq a chance to live the same dream.

"Our soldiers are going there to help them see that way of life so that they can go to the polls, vote for their own leaders and lead their own way of life," said Bolton. "That goes a long way in what we do here in this country."

Reminded of what it used to be like in our country, this diverse army now represents the future of this country and will be heading to Iraq to represent the future of theirs.

"When you see the uniform worn by these proud soldiers here, I think we should all be proud as Americans, because it represents an army that is the number one army on the face of the earth, the most powerful, the most respected, the most capable army the world has ever seen," said Bolton.

And while they're away, we're asked not to forget the importance of what they're doing, but most importantly, not to forget them.

"Stay in touch with your loved ones," urged Bolton. "We have emails, we have letters and keep that going. Everybody means a lot to the soldiers on the ground."

The Third Infantry Division will be replacing the First Cavalry Division it they gets to Iraq.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,