Top Teacher--Brenda Taylor

Brenda Taylor
Brenda Taylor

There is nothing better for a teacher than seeing the light bulb go on above students' heads when they learn something new. It's what drives Brenda Taylor at Gadsden Elementary School to be the best every day in the classroom.

Taylor knows that children as well as adults make mistakes. But it's realizing what the problem is that can lead a child down the right path.

Taylor learned this lesson years ago while student teaching. "There was a young girl who could have been a problem," she said. "She really touched me in that way, she only needed that help, and I could do that."

Taylor always tries to go above and beyond for her students and realizes she's a role model for her fifth graders. "It's important, I carry myself in that way and believe in them," she said. "You can do anything. Start the day over and you have an opportunity to make changes in your life."

Student Clarencia Griffin told us, "Mrs. Taylor is a nice, loving lady. She will help you with anything."

"The rewards I get when a student accomplishes a skill, it's really rewarding," said Taylor. "When you look at them and you're able to make a difference in their lives."

Brenda Taylor, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla,