Neighbors Witnessed Fatal Shooting

Davis' car drove through this fence after he was shot.
Davis' car drove through this fence after he was shot.

Imagine sitting at home after a long day, watching a little TV and then gunshots ring out in front of your house. That's what happened in an east Savannah neighborhood last night: someone shot and killed a man sitting in his car at stop sign.

Police are saying it was a drive-by shooting, and not random. They believe the victim was the intended target, but that doesn't offer much comfort to people who live in that neighborhood.

"Last night I heard a bang, sounded like fireworks," said resident Earl Collins.

It wasn't fireworks. It was gunfire. "Last night was really exciting, all the guns were shooting," said Mary Frieall.

Twenty-four-year-old Asim Davis was shot several times. He was sitting in his car at the stop sign on the corner of Bee Road and East 37th Street.

"Next thing I knew I looked out the window and there were 15, 20 police cars," said Collins.

Today you can clearly see the evidence. After Davis was shot his car skidded across a driveway, ran into the fence and crashed into a parked car next door.

Police are trying to find out who killed him and why. "They told me a young guy got shot in the head, I guess that would worry anybody in the neighborhood," said Collins.

Mary Frieall has lived in the neighborhood for 23 years. "Oh Lord I was frightened," she told us.

Investigators say there was another person in the car with Davis during the shooting. That person was not hurt and is being questioned by police.

Police say witnesses saw a white SUV, possibly a Lincoln Navigator or Aviator, speed away from the area after the shooting.

If you have any information about who was involved, call the police.

This is the second homicide so far this year in Savannah.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,