Family of Allyson Romedy Hopeful for Closure

Allison Romedy vanished in 2002.
Allison Romedy vanished in 2002.

A hunter stumbled across human remains in some woods in Chatham County, and police still don't know who it is. Around 6pm yesterday evening, Edward Williams was laying raccoon traps about 80 meters off Foundation Drive near Garden City when he found a decomposed body.

This morning, police removed the remains and sent them to the GBI lab in Atlanta for an autopsy and identification.

The news of this discovery cuts to the heart of Allyson Romedy's family. She vanished without a trace almost three years ago, leaving her family waiting for any news that will end this mystery.

This family has been through this before, and they are dealing with it the same way they have been for the last three years. Every time there is news of an unidentified body, Romedy's mother, Beckie Becton, just hopes this will answer any questions about what might have happened to her.

"Please Lord, let us have the right answers," she said.

For Becton, just hearing that someone has found another body, possibly that of a woman, is a sign of hope, a sign that she and her family can finally put the last three horrible years behind them. "It doesn't get any easier. Every time we find a body and it turns out not to be her, it's a relief but then it's a big disappointment."

In February of 2002, Romedy tucked her ten-year-old daughter in bed and then vanished into thin air. In the years since her disappearance, family, friends and police continue the search and hold numerous vigils for the mother of two.

"Being nervous, being anxious, it's a pure hell you go through," said Becton.

And hope quickly turning into heartache is nothing new for Romedy's family, because this isn't the first time they were told about a remains being found. Remains they pray maybe hers.

"We've been through this eight or ten times since she's been missing," said her sister Jennifer.

And eight or ten times, the family has had their hearts broken. After this most recent discovery, all this family can do now is wait, again.

"It's gotten to the point that I fully believe that she's not alive," said Becton. "All I want is to bring her home, whatever's left, I want to bring her home and bury her besides her son."

The family and CrimeStoppers are offering a $7,500 reward for any information leading to the whereabouts of Allyson Romedy. If you know anything about her disappearance, call CrimeStoppers at 234.2020.

As far as the body found last night, Romedy's family members say they haven't given up hope that it may be her.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,